Your membership gives you access to ALL our shirts. Every brand, style, and size. You can switch your shirts and change your mind as much as you want. Shirts will typically be pre-worn and are always cleaned and cared for between rotations by our high quality organic dry cleaners. Your wear clean shirts every day, and send back the dirty ones.


how do I choose my first rotation?

When you sign up, you'll choose your first rotation. Keep the shirts you love until you get bored of them. Return the ones you don't like right away.



Switching shirts is super easy. You'll have a queue of shirts you want next, and they can be the same shirts or new ones. As soon as we get back your last rotation, we'll give you your next one.


what condition  are the shirts in?

All our shirts are like new and in great condition. We partner with the highest quality organic dry cleaners for thoughtful cleaning between each rotation. Buttons are replaced when they fall off and shirts are retired once they start showing their age.


how do I send shirts back?

You'll use our app. Our dry cleaning partners will actually pick up your shirts AND bring you your new rotation.



Normal wear and tear is fine and covered by your membership. Significant damage and lost or stolen shirts will result in a fee equal to 70% of the retail price of the shirt. If you pay this fee, you can keep the shirt if it's damaged or you recover it later.


where do retired shirts go?

Retired shirts in good condition will be donated to charities like Career Gear, which has a Jobs Readiness program designed to help men re-enter the workforce and dress professionally.


Just shirts, nothing else?

For now, just button-down dress shirts. Tomorrow, maybe blazers and pants. We'll keep our options open.