Membership includes full access to all our shirts, brands, styles and sizes. You can rotate as often as you'd like. Shirts will typically be pre-worn and are always cleaned and cared for between rotations by our high quality organic dry cleaning partners. 



Rotation offers membership to a curate supply of modern dress shirts. You have full access to borrow every brand, style, and size we carry, and you can rotate as often as you'd like.

Our wardrobe becomes yours. With Rotation, you always have clean good-looking shirts that fit.
— Sid Henderson, Rotation

Rotation membership benefits

  • Same day rotations: shirts delivered same time dirty shirts picked up
  • Keep shirts as long as you want
  • Try new styles and change sizes anytime
  • Look better, feel better
  • Buttons falling off and elbows wearing out aren't your problem
  • No more buying shirts you never wear anymore
  • Our wardrobe becomes yours